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Sortasoft LLC is an independent developer of digital and non-digital games. Joshua DeBonis founded the studio in 2004 for the purpose of creating games featuring unique and original gameplay and creativity.

Joshua DeBonis, game designer, programmer, and musician
Joshua is an award-winning game designer with extensive experience as a game design and development consultant. He teaches game design and development at Parsons the New School for Design. Joshua is co-founder and organizer of the New York board game designers playtest group. He also recently co-founded the experimental collective Brooklyn Game Ensemble.

Joshua is particularly interested in exploring ways to integrate history and music with games, procedural generation of game content, and in creating games that provide a deep and meaningful experience in a short play time.

Kyle Staves, programmer and game designer
Kyle has a passion for learning new technologies and techniques related to all aspects of game development. Kyle particularly enjoys the constant problem solving associated with indie game development, as well as the ability to express himself in the nimble, multidisciplinary role of "developer." Kyle works in a variety of devlopment environments but lately has been focusing on Flash and the Unity game engine. Kyle also teaches game development at Bloomfield College.
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