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Killer Queen

Long Live the Queen!

Two teams, each led by a powerful queen, face off to be the first to discover 7 precious jewels, equip their own queen, or assassinate the enemy queen.

Killer Queen won the Best In Fest and Most Strategic awards at Come Out and Play 2011 in New York City. It was also featured at the Steel City Games Festival in Pittsburgh.

A field game by Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros

A game for about 20 players of all ages.
Approximate length: 15 minutes.

10 red pinnys
10 yellow pinnys
12 foam swords (6 per team)
2 crowns
2 shields
2 signet rings
13 green plastic buckets
Lots of “food” (colored fun balls) in buckets

The buckets will be filled with food and hidden around the field. Players form two teams: red pinnys and yellow pinnys. Each team starts at a predetermined “base”, at which there is a referee. The eldest female on each team is dubbed the “queen” and given a crown, ring, sword, and shield. The other players are all workers.

There are three ways to win. The game ends immediately when a victory condition is met.

Conquest - destroy the other team’s queen
Discovery – collect 7 buckets
Economic - pay 25 food to a ref

You can kill any worker or soldier on the opposing team by tagging them with a sword. If you are killed, you must drop any food, bucket, or sword you are carrying. Hold your arms up in the air to show that you are killed. You are out of the game until you return to your queen to be reincarnated. Dropped items can be picked up by any worker and brought to their queen.

Killing Queens
If the queen is tagged by a sword, the player who hit her immediately must immediately sacrifice himself, dropping his sword, but is given the queen’s ring, shield, or crown to bring back to his own queen. The third time a queen is hit, she is dead and the other team wins.

Living or dead players may reincarnate themselves by paying 1 or 3 food to a referee to become a worker or soldier. If they are now a soldier, the ref gives them a sword.

Newly reincarnated players must immediately kneel on one knee before their liege. As soon as they are knighted by the Queen’s sword, they may reenter the game.

There is only ever a single queen per team. She gets a sword, shield, crown, and ring and may spend food for an economic victory. Queens kill the other queen in a single hit.

Worker (1 food)
Workers may carry one food, bucket, or recovered sword at a time. Hold recovered swords by the blade so you’re not confused for a soldier.

Soldier (3 food)
Soldiers get a sword with which to attack other players, but cannot carry food, buckets, or recovered swords.