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Lego Fever

Battle the forces of boredom!

Help the LEGO Brothers battle the forces of boredom and bring a bit of color back to the grey, grey world. Control the world around them by placing LEGO bricks to make sure our heroes don't wind up stepping in black ink and ruining their track suits. Featuring puzzle, action and matching levels, LEGO Fever offers loads of challenge for every type of player.

  • 113 unique levels.
  • 5 worlds: castle, town, pirates, space & western
  • 3 modes: puzzle, clump and chase!
  • Build powerups out of LEGO bricks.
  • Repel the dull monotonous grey world!

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- Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
- DirectX 8.0 or better
- A vivid imagination