indie games by Joshua DeBonis

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Signals on the (S)

Underground NYC: the land of no cell phone signals. But here's a new (s)olution. Players will participate in a type of "Subway Telephone" and will use travelers on the S shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central (and back) to send their secret messages. Half of the team will be in Grand Central, and the other half will be located in Times Square. Participants will put beads on Shuttle travellers to signal to their team the messages or clues they want to share. Team members are not allowed to ride on the shuttle--so if you get stuck on the train, you'll lose points! The team with the most correctly transmitted messages wins.

Co-designed with Karen Schrier & Liz Gorinsky.

- 1 (S) train
- hundreds of mardi gras beads
- courage to talk to strangers